The Earth is Actually Flat: Here are the FACTS

By Amanda D.  I'm sorry
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Disclaimer: I'm just writing this to make the assignment more fun for me. I'm not actually a flat-earther I swear please don't tell my mom

My sources tell me that the Earth is flat and I believe them.
me getting woke

Look it's me getting woke, I've stopped being sheeple.
Here's a wonderful documentary detailing the important figures behind the Flat Earth re-recognition movement.

While most think the Earth is round, it really isn't. It's just an optical illusion as seen below:

Reasons why I think it's FLat

  1. The man above toled me so
  2. I trust him
  3. He's whispiering that must mean its top secret info

And in no particular order, here are some well known flat earth supporters
(they weren't known for being flat earthers, they might not even be flat earthers but you can't tell me they're not)

More working theories from the flat earth sociery